Quiz 3 (Advanced)


Directions: Fill in the blank in each sentence with a word from the list below.

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"What is Scenography?" by Michael Eagan
"Discovery and Development of the Collection" by NAC Archivist Gerry Grace
Art deco, Bauhaus, Beaux Arts, Conceptors, Esthetic, Expressionism, Laterna Magika, Minimalism, Scenography, Section, Pediment, Art nouveau, Modernist, Deus ex machina, Elevation

  1. A group of _____________________ met in the theatre lounge to brainstorm design ideas for next season’s first show.
  2. The _____________________ movement began in Weimar Germany in 1919, and featured functional design characterized by the work of skilled craftspeople.
  3. The Czech pavilion at Expo ‘67 in Montreal was an eye-opener for many theatre practitioners as live theatre, film and projections blended in the fabulous _____________________ , designed by Josef Svoboda.
  4. In a designer’s plans, the _____________________ is a drawing that shows the interior or exterior vertical elements of a structure, unlike a section which cuts through the structure.
  5. The Palais Garnier in Paris is a great example of _____________________ style architecture, with its grand manner, rich ornamentation and Classical form.
  6. The term _____________________ refers to art or architecture that is stripped down to the essentials, much like Japanese design.
  7. Those who prefer the _____________________ style of architecture like clean lines and minimal decoration.
  8. All of the following theatre activities come under the umbrella of _____________________ : set, costume, lighting, and sound design.
  9. Plans for a set design would include a _____________________ : a drawing that cuts a structure vertically to show its interior.
  10. The dramatic and often geometric design style known as _____________________ marked a reaction to the austerity of World War I, and characterized much of the look of the Roaring Twenties.
  11. Any discussion of the concept of “beauty” involves _____________________ considerations.
  12. The maquette for Amphitryon features a _____________________ at centre stage supported by the cornice, in beautifully balanced Classical style.
  13. While Art Deco is a style that borrows its shapes from geometry, _____________________ borrows from the elegant curves and flowing lines of nature.
  14. In ancient Greek theatre, the _____________________ , meaning “elaborate stage machines,” sometimes appeared to save the hero or deliver an ending that untangles the plot.
  15. The distortion of reality to evoke emotion in visual art, film and theatre is called _____________________ .