Quiz 2 (Intermediate)


Directions: Fill in the blank in each sentence with a word from the list below.

Related resource(s):  Glossary, iconic, metaphor, contemporary, ground plan, front of House, production manager, complementary, set dresser, LX designer, farce

  1. The Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre defines _____________________ as “an extreme form of comedy.”
  2. All activity in the theatre that is not onstage or backstage, such as ticket selling, seating patrons and hanging lighting fixtures over the audience, is referred to as happening in the _____________________ area.
  3. Nick’s job as a _____________________ means that he is concerned with all the articles that decorate the set of a play.
  4. The director of this production needs to see a _____________________ of the set, in order to make sure that there are no obstacles to the twenty actors who will walk across it in very dim light.
  5. The _____________________ was looking up into the grid above the stage to determine where best to hang the lighting instruments.
  6. The huge white head of the King of Crete is the set for the opera, Idomeneo. When all the pieces of the head are together, it’s a symbol of authority and power. When the head comes apart, perhaps it’s a _____________________ for disintegration and breakdown.
  7. If the colour of the set is primarily shades of blue, we should find the _____________________ colour for the costumes.
  8. Shakespeare’s output of wonderful plays has given him the _____________________ status he’s held for centuries.
  9. A huge part of the job of _____________________ is to keep track of the overall budget, making sure that no extra money is spent.
  10. Canada has many excellent _____________________ playwrights, who write about today’s challenges and issues.