Scavenger Hunt

Grade levels

Intermediate high school


Divide the following list of clues among one or more teams, or give the entire list to teams or individuals. The clues lead students through the Imagined Spaces website and set design collection. Students will collect the name of the play that best answers each challenge. Some clues contain clickable words that lead to helpful information. A teacher's list of answers (PDF 87.6 KB) can be downloaded separately.


For each clue find one maquette that corresponds to each of the following. Write down the production title, designer and year the play or opera was produced. 

Here are your clues.  For each clue, find one example of a maquette that:

  1. Depicts a “play within a play,” showing us a setting that depicts both the front of stage and backstage stage areas
  2. References Japanese design in Minimalist style
  3. Reminds us of Classical architecture
  4. Creates an Art Deco inspired room that would be suitable in style and period for an Elizabethan writer
  5. Presents a grand lakeside cottage interior in one scene, and the lake itself in another
  6. Shows Ms. Earhardt’s missing plane
  7. Features telephone poles on an arena stage
  8. Strings up clean sheets to dominate an Italian skyline
  9. Places a basketball hoop on Stage Right
  10. Features stylized masks of a horses’ head
  11. Places a Christmas tree at Centre Stage
  12. Offers many golden moments
  13. Would drive your mother crazy if it were your bedroom
  14. Shows an inside/outside view and some “gingerbread”
  15. Invokes through realism “blues at the Bus Station”
  16. Revolves to reveal three Victorian rooms or spaces
  17. Announces its own name on a fairground banner
  18. Presents a 17th Century study for ladies who learn
  19. Proposes the King of Crete as a large head 
  20. Suggests German Expressionism in Newfoundland (look for black and white and flying objects)
  21. Offers life as an open book
  22. Thrusts Hamlet close to his audience
  23. Reveals a table in a room in a row house in a big town
  24. Would be suitable in style and period for an Elizabethan writer

A number of production designs correspond to the following clues.  Find one or more that:

  1. Contains many doors – useful for comedy, particularly farce (Jitters, Noises Off, L’Evantail,  La Puce à l’oreille)
  2. Connotes a sense of tragedy (Oedipe Roi, Hamlet, The Oresteia of Aeschylus)
  3. Demonstrates symmetrical balance (I Am My Own Wife, Alice, Agnes of God, Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Private Lives, Blood Relations)
  4. Demonstrates assymetrical balance (Blithe Spirit, Pinocchio, Eden Cinema, Duet for One)
  5. Is a Unit set (John and the Missus, Riel,  Sainte Marie among the Hurons, The Oresteia of Aeschylus, Periclès)
  6. Is a Box set (Jitters, Noises Off, Diary of a Madman , Blithe Spirit)
  7. References a season of the year (Angel Square, After the Orchard, Man and Superman, Bonjour M. de la Fontaine, 1837 The Farmers’ Revolt, Jitters, Twelfth Night)
  8. Features a piano – upright or grand (Blithe Spirit, simpl, The Torch Bearers, The Unanswered Question)
  9. Shows an aspect of war (Journey’s End, Oh! What a Lovely War, Mary’s Wedding)
  10. Demonstrates emphasis (Jitters, la Double Inconstance, Frida K, The Wrong Son)
  11. Demonstrates texture  (Diary of a Madman, AMidsummer Night’s Dream, The Wood Demon, Oncle Vania)
  12. Demonstrates rhythm (Don Juan, Amphitryon, L’Evantail, Arlequin)