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Making Dance

The Choreographic Process

Creation is Collaboration

By its very nature, dance is a collaborative art form. The choreographer holds the creative vision and guides all the elements that go into the making of a dance.

A choreographer's first responsibility is choosing dancers who fit the vision for the work they are creating. The choreographer may have a company of dancers who are trained in a particular dance technique such as ballet, modern or bharata natyam. He or she may hold an audition for a particular new work, and may be looking for dancers who are strong in a particular technique or style of dance that will be part of the new work such as capoeira, contact improvisation or butoh.

Communication and interaction with all of the people involved in design, decor and production is part of the choreographic process. Most often, the closer the choreographer is to the whole look and presentation of his or her work, the truer to the vision it can be.


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