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A Very Dangerous Pastime

Canada Dance Festival


Producer: Canada Dance Festival, in association with Grimm Picture Inc.
Director: Laura Taler
Executive producer: Cathy Levy
Producers: Allison Lewis, Laura Taler
Editor: Vesna Svilanovic
Sound editor: Phillip Strong

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A Very Dangerous Pastime is a 14-minute award-winning video that aims to reveal the "secret" of looking at contemporary dance. Directed by filmmaker Laura Taler of Grimm Pictures Inc., A Very Dangerous Pastime is a humorous and textured collage of dance film, vintage footage, and interviews with well-known Canadian actors, athletes and musicians. It is designed to awaken our interest in contemporary dance and provide tools to help audiences enjoy dance in its many forms. Ultimately, this video shows that we all have an innate ability to relate to and appreciate dance.

A Very Dangerous Pastime premiered at the 2000 edition of the Canada Dance Festival and has been broadcast on Bravo!

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