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Meet The Artists


Patricia Beatty

New Dance Group of Canada / Toronto Dance Theatre / dance writing

(1936- )

Without the contributions of dancer, choreographer and teacher Patricia Beatty, the development of modern dance in Canada would have been very different. Beatty, who was born in Toronto, began her early dance training in her hometown before studying in the United States. She attended Bennington College and then the Martha Graham School.

In 1967, Beatty returned to Canada and launched her own company, New Dance Group of Canada. The following year, she formed a triumvirate with two other dancers, David Earle and Peter Randazzo, to found Toronto Dance Theatre, one of Canada 's longest running modern dance companies.

Beatty's choreography has long reflected her spirituality particularly in works such as Dancing the Goddess (1993) as well as her concern for the environment and women's rights. Her affinity for artistic collaborations also defines her work. In 1983, for instance, Beatty worked with Canadian visual artists including Aiko Suzuki to create the event, Painters and the Dance, for which Beatty was awarded a Victor Martin-Lynch Staunton Award, an honour usually reserved for visual artists.

Beatty has worked as an independent choreographer and teacher since the 1990s and is an active advocate for increased preservation of Canada's dance heritage. She is also the author of a book about creativity and choreography, which has been reprinted numerous times.

In 2004, Beatty became a Member of the Order of Canada.

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