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United States and Mexico Tour 2003
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Schools in the Spotlight

The NAC worked with selected schools in the US, Mexico and Canada on two specific projects that used as their guide the "Let's Go Mozart!" Teacher Resource Kit. You can find in this section a description of these two projects.

3-way Broadband Link-School Project, live from the Sala Mayor at TEC de Monterrey.

This event is led by Pinchas Zukerman and will connect students from three Grade 6 classes in Mexico (Monterrey), the US (Chicago) and Canada (Ottawa). The students will be prepared ahead of time to respond creatively to the music of Mozart, and to share with each other aspects of their own cultural heritages, using the NAC's

"Let's Go Mozart!" Teacher Resource Kit as their guide. Schools participating to date include the Gran Familia Orphanage in Monterrey. The schools in Chicago and Ottawa are still to be determined.

Embassy Adoption Programme, in Washington, D.C.

A grade 6 class from a DC elementary school will be selected through the DC Public Schools Embassy Adoption Program to learn about Canada and its culture with the help of the Canadian Embassy in Washington and the NAC Orchestra while on tour in Washington. The NAC in consultation with the Washington Performing Arts Society, DC Public Schools and the Canadian Embassy in Washington will help prepare a study unit arising from the "Let's Go Mozart!" Teacher Resource Kit, with curricular links that encourage the study of Canadian culture, in particular the music of Canadian composers. The study will culminate in a performance at the school or Embassy by the NAC Orchestra's Musicians in the Schools String Quintet on November 12 [link to ed events section].